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"vom Kattensohl" 

The kennel "vom Kattensohl" was founded in 1961 by my grandfather,Wilhelm Lange. "Kattensohl" comes from the same parcel of land on the southern edge of the Colbitz-Letzlinger Heath, where my grandfather had one ofhis first hunting successes.

With his first Deutsch-Drahthaar bitch, "Bessi vom Borntal" he had his first litter. Later Bessi gave him his first VGP with 316 points, Prize I. To date, there are 29 dogs he ran to a VGP and many of them with Prize I.

Grandpa was very active in the Drahthaar breed, and in 1980 he became the Breed Warden of our Landesgruppe Sachsen-Anhalt, our local chapter of the VDD. When someone would ask him for advice, he was always there, he knew the ancestors of many dogs from different kennels by heart. As Test Director, he was very involved, organizing two “
Zuchtrüdenprüfungen”(tests for breeding males) and three “Siegerprüfungen.” all under his leadership. He was also responsible for organizing the  Hegewald in 1993 in Magdeburg, where he served as Deputy Test Director. Also the VGP in Haldensleben has always been part of Grandpa's organizational activities.

I once heard the saying "Behind every great man is a strong woman" and so it is with my grandparents. My grandmother should be mentioned at this point, even if it has nothing to do with the active hunting and testing. She was always the strength behind my grandfather, even if she remained in the background. Whether there with the puppy breeding, taking care of the dogs or just catering the food for the people, Grandma was the glue that held it together.

In 2011, after 50 years and 75 litters, my Grandpa passed the DD-kennel "vom Kattensohl" to me. Of course, my grandparents still help me, and for that I am very grateful.



I myself grew up with the DD and hunting and my grandpa fostered me and helped me. Even as a child, everything I did had something to do with hunting. I spent my school holidays with my grandparents, predominantly helping with the dog training. At the age of 13, I had the opportunity to train and test my first dog. In 1998, I ran my first dog, "Dunja vom Kattensohl" with a VJP 73 points, and at an HZP 177 points. Two years later I ran my first VGP with "Freya vom Kattensohl" and we achieved a Prize I/328 with a day track and the Bringsel.

In 2009 I had the opportunity to attend two tests with VDD-Group Canada as an apprentice judge enabling me to participate with them at both a VJP and an HZP. It gave me the gifts of great memories and insight, and especially wonderful friendships which developed from it.

Since 2012 I have been working as a Federation Judge.

Also in  2012, I requested registration of the vom Kattensohl mother line, to show the background of my grandfather’s,Wilhelm Lange’s, kennel, and to show what he created in the 50 years, and to thank him for that. Indeed, it is thanks to him that the next offspring now have the following maternal line:


               Kattensohl - Diamantene Aue -Löwenberg - Auenheim - PP 

Andrea Heutger


Thank you to my friend Jude Gerstein, for helping me with the translation